Glycemic Index

We always recommend choosing foods that are lower on the glycemic index. What the glycemic index tells you is how fast the foods you consume turn into sugar in your body. The lower the food is on the index, the slower it will metabolize into sugar. Go with the GOOD list on the left. Your blood sugar numbers and your body will thank you.

Diabetes Wellness Workshop

Workshops are held twice a week at The Diabetes Wellness Council office located at 4006 A Postal Way in Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Every Tuesday at 11am 

Every Thursday at 3pm

Registration is $35 and space is limited so sign up today! 

What you will receive:

* Valuable information on how to better manage your blood sugar levels

* Triggers for spikes

* Food information (the most helpful)

* Glucose log book to keep track and share with your doctor

* Recipes

* Helpful tips

* Question and answer

* Discussion

You must contact us if you would like to attend!

Want to give someone the gift of better health? Purchase a workshop gift certificate today!