Personal Diabetes Coaching

Kristi Jacques Falk is the Founder and Executive Director of the Wellness Council for South Carolina. She is passionate about the positive effects “true wellness” has on the lives of children and adults in South Carolina.Kristi was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes over 34 years ago. She maintains a consistent A1C reading in the 5’s and is passionate about helping other achieve similar results.The past 15 years have been focused on natural health, nutrition, physical activity and environment. She feels strongly that in order to be truly healthy, we all need to take responsibility for our own health, take control of our health and ask questions.She is not a medical professional but all of the information and insight she shares is from years of personal experience, trial and error, and the many ups and downs she has experienced being a long term diabetic.

Personal Diabetes Counseling

Three Month Commitment


One-hour phone/skype/FaceTime consults twice monthly
Unlimited Email access
Private Facebook group for support
Additional FREE Log Sheets for Diabetes Log Book
Grocery Shopping List
2 Healthy Recipes per month
FREE monthly newsletter

We DO accept walk-ins for one-on-one in person coaching. 

$50 per hour.